Leadership Team

Jaideep Nikam

Founder | CEO

Jaideep Nikam

Jaideep is industry expert with two decades of experience across Europe, North & South America and APAC. He has an In-depth understanding of the Products, Operations and People domain. He has Led & successfully delivered Multi-Million Dollar Transformation Programs across different organizations viz. HSBC Bank, General Electric and ABN AMRO. He is also a Board member @ Homzhub, a Property-Tech company and loves to mentor Startups by helping them to design strategies for scaling up.

With an unwavering passion for transforming organizational & people mindset, he has been instrumental in partnering and coaching the C-suits as well as Senior Management of Large Corporations as well as Startups.

A certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) practitioner as well as Hogan certified professional & coach, he loves to spend his free time reading and spending time on mindfulness activities.

Mo Kamble

Chief Technology Officer

Mo Kamble

Mo is the Technology Product Strategist for PeopleDynamiX, with a focus on building digital products that enable experiential Learning & Engagement for the geographically diverse teams.

She has Over 20 years of experience having worked on cutting edge technologies spanning across various industry verticals like Healthcare and Pharmaceutical, Biotech, Entertainment, Insurance, Mortgage & Financial. As a Certified Project Management professional - PMP, Mo, has executed global IT programs and portfolios for companies like Walt Disney Company, Amgen, AIG-SunAmerica, Kaiser, WellPoint, Bank of America & Cardinal Health.

She is also the Co-Founder of HealthNspire solutions, Los-Angeles based healthcare IT consulting company focused towards creating and deploying AGILE solutions specific to managed HealthCare operations. A technology enthusiast, she loves to create socially responsible solutions to enrich people’s lives using technology.

She is a Member of PMI (Project Management Institute) Standards Consensus Committee. As an avid reader favorites from her book collection, THE RIDE OF A LIFTIME by ROBERT IGER, AN OPEN HEART by His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the five people you meet in heaven by Mitch Albom.

Rick Kamble


Rick Kamble

Rick’s role is to challenge and advice the Senior Management of PeopleDynamiX, as they chart the future direction of the company. With his diverse Technology & Healthcare experience in APAC and USA, he is well positioned to guide the firm in right direction.

Rick is a seasoned serial entrepreneur with a background in Information Technology Bio-Science with vast experience in technology startup companies . He is CEO and President of HealthNspire solutions, a HealthCare IT consulting firm focused on managed care software solutions and analytics & has architected a software solution for healthcare compliance documentation and auditing.

He is also the CEO and President of Actorius Innovations and Research Company ( AIR ) located in Los Angeles, CA with offices in India. Actorius is a stealth mode company dedicated to cutting edge technologies in early detection of Cancer and Cancer dialysis. He has previously held leadership positions at Lakeside Medical Group, Jacobs Engineering, Farmers Insurance, L.A. CARE Health Plan, Cardinal Health, Countrywide Home Loans and Datamatics.

He was the Co-founder and CTO of Perfect Computers - a leading provider of PC based system and software solution. As the CTO, he was instrumental in making the company profitable within its first two years. Prior to that he was a Professor of Computer Science at one of the major Universities in India.